The climate in Kabul, Afghanistan is a cold semi-arid climate (Koppen climate classification BSk) with cold winters and dry hot summers. The average temperature in January is around -2°C (28°F) and in July, it's around 25°C (77°F). The city receives an annual precipitation of around 250 millimeters (10 inches) mostly in the form of snowfall in winter and occasional thunderstorms in summer.
A group of Chinese scientists conducted research and revealed the temperature at which the coronavirus is the most dangerous. It varies from +3 to +9 degrees Celsius. If there are no measures are taken, then in such conditions, the “crown” will be active for up to 14 days. Experts were surprised by the persistence of the disease. Compared with their counterparts it can endure much higher temperatures.
Istanbul is one of the major cities in Turkey. It a sunny, colorful, and charming city.
Los Angeles is a large city in the United States of America, located on the southern side of a large state of California.
Bucharest is the capital of Romania with a population of more than 2 million people. Bucharest is not just a major city but also a cultural center of Romania.
Chicago is the US city located in the state of Illinois. The city lies on the banks of the Michigan river.
A moderate climate prevails throughout the year in Poland. The weather in Poland may differ depending on the region. Mild winter and wet and cool summer are typical for the north and west of the country.
Weather influences not only our mood but it can also make significant adjustments to the plans.
The weather in Canada is diverse. No wonder, this country is stretching from the north to the south and has various climatic conditions.
Traveling to Israel is one of the best ways to spend winter holidays. Guests of this amazing country will have an opportunity to celebrate Hanukka the holy city of Jerusalem and to welcome the New Year in one of the lively resorts of the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea or the Dead Sea.