Chicago is the US city located in the state of Illinois.

Chicago is the US city located in the state of Illinois. The city lies on the banks of the Michigan...

Chicago is the US city located in the state of Illinois. The city lies on the banks of the Michigan river.

Chicago is the US city located in the state of Illinois. The city lies on the banks of the Michigan river. It is a very significant industrial, trading, and also a cultural center in

North America. By the way, it is Chicago that is considered a hub of blues and jazz. There are many fascinating and unique architectural constructions here, as well as big green parks and deep blue lakes.

The climate in Chicago is moderately continental, but it is worth noting that all seasons here are very distinct.

The weather in Chicago today is sunny but pretty cool. Only thirteen degrees above zero are expected in the afternoon.


Winter in Chicago

Winters in Chicago are very cold and long.  Minus fifteen degrees are not a surprise for local residents: they are used to it. The real winter can last until the end of March. If there is not enough snow during the winter season, you are actually very lucky. In Chicago, winters are so snowy that they regularly cause many unpleasant consequences. Snowfall in Chicago often lasts two or three days - can you imagine how much snow can pile? It is simply impossible to walk or drive. But you can sit in a cozy and warm room and enjoy the snow-covered trees and snowflakes floating in the air. It has its own charm too.



The coldest month is January. There is no positive temperature, even 0 is a rare case in January. And, by the way, Chicago has very high humidity, so the cold feels much stronger.
In short, the winters in Chicago are authentic - real severe winters. It is simply impossible to imagine a winter in Chicago without snowdrifts.

Spring in Chicago
It looks like no spring exists Chicago. It is too short here since full heat usually comes only in May. March is more like February here, and April is always a transitional period from cold to heat. The average temperature in Chicago in the spring is about 7-8 degrees Celsius. In the spring it also often rains, even too often. Rainfalls in Chicago may last a whole week. Though, the weather in Chicago for tomorrow, as weather forecasters promise, should be just great. It will be sunny, without precipitation and with a temperature of eighteen degrees Celsius.

It is what real May should be!


Summer in Chicago 

Summer in the city is hot and droughty. The thermometer can rise above +40 ̊. For locals, it seems like hell. Only a cool breeze from Lake Michigan brings some salvation. The water warms up to +20 ̊ in summer. And August is the wettest summer month.
Autumn in Chicago
The rainy season begins in September. In October, a cold spell comes. But autumn in Chicago is undoubtedly beautiful. Autumn is an ideal time for tourists who want to wander around the city sightseeing.

First - the rains, and then - the mild warmth 
Despite the fact, that May is already in full swing, the weather in Chicago now is not springtime at all. The rainy season began, and it became too cold in Chicago. But warming should begin soon. The temperature will rise to 21 degrees Celsius above zero. Rain is possible closer to the end of the week, but it will be short, and the weather will not worsen. The weather for today in Chicago will remain cold. But spring warmth is just around the corner. Spring in Chicago comes in May, so now is the right time for it.

The weather in Chicago for 7 days will be contradicting. The first days of the week will be cold, but then evident warming will come. From the middle of the week, the rain will stop, and the long-awaited sun will peek out from behind the clouds.

Weather in Chicago weather site - there is a great source that provides very accurate climate forecasts. Follow the link - https://ru.weather.town/.


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