Vacation in Dubai

Vacation in Dubai

The city is the second largest emirate of the UAE and ranks as the most important port and commercia...

The city is the second largest emirate of the UAE and ranks as the most important port and commercial center. 700 kilometers of coastline, tropical climate, and rich cultural heritage attract a lot of people from around the world to spend vacation in Dubai.

The best time to visit

Tropical desert climate makes Dubai the perfect place for vacation from November to March. In winter time air temperature ranges from 55 F (in the night) to 85 F (in the daytime) and water temperature reaches to 75 F. Short rains may occur from January to March. For spending vacation in winter time be ready to book hotel room in advance.

Off season lasts from June to September in Dubai. The city experiences horribly hot summer with average temperature of 100 F and high humidity. Such hot weather makes outdoor activity unbearable. Very warm ocean waters cause tropical storms and hurricanes in summer time. The nicest things about summer in Dubai are lower prices, absence of crowds, and a lot of spare hotel rooms.

Yachts of Dubai

Ramadan period usually lasts from June to July (exact dates are different every year). It’s a good time to visit Dubai if you are interested in Islam. But if you want to do shopping and enjoy the best dishes in restaurants of this wonderful city then Ramadan period is not for you.

Breathtaking activities

Sandboarding safari ranks as the most popular desert sports in Dubai. Slipping and sliding down sandy slopes is easier than snowboarding. Explore the most beautiful sand dunes and enjoy awesome views of desert while sandboarding safari. Guide will explain you how to use sandboard as well as describe safety rules.

Hot air balloon flight is for vacationers who want to spend an hour in the air and enjoy breathtaking aerial views. Each basket of balloon flight holds more than 20 people so there is enough room to enjoy striking vistas. Pilot will take you to the skies and during your flight he will tell you intriguing things about landscape beneath you. Free drinks to celebrate your flight after landing are included.

The buildings of Dubai

Swimming with dolphins is also very popular with vacationers in Dubai. You are offered to interact with dolphins in shallow or in deep water of crystal clear lagoon for 30 minutes. Before swimming trainer will tell you about dolphins (interesting things about their behavior and diet are included). Swimming with dolphin is available only in deep water. In shallow water vacationers may only touch and stroke dolphin and watch their antics. You will be guided by trainer in water.

Flight above Dubai by seaplane is breathtaking experience to see incredible views of famous attractions. You are offered to enjoy views of skyscrapers (ones of the tallest in the world), islands, Dubai Creek, and coast line decorated with luxury yachts and waterfront skyscrapers. Water take-off and sea landing are also unforgettable parts of such seaplane flight.

Cruise along Dubai Creek by traditional Arabian boat makes it possible to enjoy amazing views of the city and fascinating lights of Dubai Creek. Delicious dinner and magic show and dance are included. Dubai Creek cruise lasts for 2 hours in the evening time.

Tips for tourists

The UAE as every particular state has its own peculiarities that visitors should know. Some rules should be followed not to be misunderstood or even imprisoned.

Before travelling to Dubai take into account that prices for accommodation are high there. So you may prefer two star hotel to five star one. Unmarried couples should look for separate rooms. Homosexuality is prohibited there.

Dubai is left-hand driving state. Renting a car is reasonable because taxis are expensive there. Highways are usually called a street or a road in Dubai. Drinking and driving is prohibited and may lead to imprisonment or deportation.

Night Dubai

Visitors can buy alcohol at Duty Free Shop at airport. Not more than four bottles per person are allowed to buy. Alcohol is not available at other supermarkets for vacationers. It’s prohibited to consume alcohol on the streets in Dubai.

Tourists are not allowed to take photos of government building, airports, and military facilities. It’s not desirable to photograph Muslim women. Taking photos of military sites may result in arrest or imprisonment.

Women travellers are better not to travel alone to prevent unwanted attention. Wearing revealing clothes (such as swimsuits, bikinis, shorts) far away from beach is undesirable. Take sunscreen with you and drink enough water to avoid heatstroke or heat exhaustion. It’s better to buy bottled water for drinking in Dubai.