Weather influences not only our mood

Weather influences not only our mood

Weather influences not only our mood but it can also make significant adjustments to the plans.

Weather influences not only our mood but it can also make significant adjustments to the plans.

We all depend on it and therefore, planning a weekly trip to Berlin, a reliable 7-day weather forecast should be accessible to everyone. Based on the forecast, it is easier to plan visits to various cities. And the burning sun or torrential rain will not catch you by surprise.


Weather Center: 40% of people do not trust weather forecasts.

Roshydromet gives relatively accurate forecasts: 93%, according to employees. The head of the organization, Maxim Yakovenko, claims that, according to the accuracy of forecasting, we are the 6-7th in the world.

But due to lack of financing, we are losing ground: we have only nine satellites, and we are forced to use data from 35 foreign ones. The power of the supercomputer is inferior to its foreign counterparts, our weather model is worse than European, Japanese, and English ones. And another important problem is a small number of ground observation stations.


So, you are going on a trip and you are worried about the weather for tomorrow in Munich. The hydrometeorological center of Russia promises 19 ° C, the probability of precipitation is 0.6 (62%). Weather Yandex predicts 16⁰, cloudy with clearings and assumes that it will rain only in the evening. Gismeteo claims that it will be 17 ° C during the day and light rain. It is not easy for the traveler to orient himself.


Weather forecast by Weather.Town.


Predicting weather is a profitable business. Countries that do not have a forecasting service must pay hundreds of millions of dollars a year to their contractors. The free site Weather.Town, created by enthusiasts, gives information about current weather and makes a forecast for 16 days for three million locations in the world. Weather data are published in 63 languages.

Thus, the page weather in Germany will give you detailed information for all 11 thousand German villages, towns, and cities. And this is the current weather information: temperature on the Celsius and Fahrenheit scale, cloudiness, precipitation, wind speed and direction, atmospheric pressure, local time. You can also find an hourly forecast of temperature, atmospheric pressure, amount of precipitation. The site offers a forecast for the following 15 days as well.




How does it work?

More than 40 thousand private and professional stations record the weather. Most of them are set up at airports, megalopolises - these are professional synoptic services. They are the underlying data providers.

But the observations of enthusiasts are important - they complement the overall picture. Today they own modern technologies and high speeds of information traffic. Mini weather stations cover Europe with a dense net.


Based on a large amount of data, it is easier to take into account inaccuracies and measurement errors by mathematical methods. And give a more accurate forecast. Therefore, you can be sure when visiting Munich, tomorrow’s weather forecast from Weather. Town will not let you down.


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